Marijuana Use and It's Impact

Marijuana Use and Its Impact | Fact Check

Recovery advocate and mother Carleah Summers walks you through the makeup of marijuana, mental health and motor control problems caused by its use, and more.

San Bernardino High School student

San Bernardino High School Students Debut Fentanyl PSA

San Bernardino high school students created a PSA to warn their peers about fentanyl.

Red Ribbon Week Patch

Video: Red Ribbon Patch Program

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts! Watch this video on how to earn the Red Ribbon Patch.

Smosh Video: Drug Use 'Make-Overs'

Ever wonder how different drugs change the way you look? With the magic of make-up, members of the comedy group Smosh were transformed to look like hardcore drug users. 

brain illustration above teen girl's head

Protect Your Brain: Why Age of First Use Matters

Using drugs during your teen years can have a devastating and long-term impact on your memory and attention span for years to come.


Watch: Teens Talk to People in Recovery

The DEA and ELKS Drug Awareness Program (DAP) teamed up to produce this video featuring real, honest conversations between teens, their parents and people recovering from drug addiction.

Watch: 'Try' Music Video by Elektrohorse

Check out this inspiring music video featuring several young people who are currently in recovery from substance misuse.

Watch: Marijuana's Effect on Your Brain

Using marijuana – whether you’re smoking, eating or vaping it – can cause serious damage to your brain.

'I Choose to be Drug Free'

Teens share their reasons for not using drugs.

Stimulants: Annoying, Aren't I?

Watch: Learn About Stimulants

Using illegal stimulants or misusing the prescription stimulants can lead to high blood pressure and can potentially cause a stroke. Learn more by watching this video.