Dealing with Peer Pressure


teens smiling

We’ve already told you a few good ways to say no to drugs at parties or social occasions. But how can you get away from constant, everyday pressure from your friends or schoolmates? Here are a few ideas:


  1. Stick With Your Bestie – When it comes to living a drug-free lifestyle, are you and your BFF on the same page? If so, make sure he or she is always by your side for backup.
  2. Avoid, Avoid, Avoid – Whether at a party, the back of the school bus, or school parking lot – if it is a place where you think someone is going to pressure you to do drugs, just stay away from there altogether.
  3. Be the Sober One – What if you find yourself at a place where most people are using drugs? Offer to be a designated driver or the “sober one” to make sure everyone gets home safely.
  4. Ask a Million Questions –If someone constantly asks you to use drugs, ask them a lot of questions (How much did you pay for that? Wow that’s a lot! OR Are you sure they don’t drug test at your job? OR You’re not afraid of getting caught with that?) The truth is that there really aren’t a lot of good reasons for using drugs, especially as a teen. Asking questions – and hearing their wacky answers – can reaffirm your choice to be drug-free.  
  5. Stick to Your Script – It’s also a great idea to have a few lines memorized. These could include: No, I can’t. My parents would kill me. OR No, I can’t. I’m watching my health. OR simply, No, I’m not really into that.


Facing constant peer pressure can be hard. The tips we mentioned help, but it’s also important that you are confident in your decision to be drug-free in the first place. Learning the facts and dangers associated with drug use is a good place to start.